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Domestic Demand for Textile Began to Rise

Jakarta, Mei 7, 2021

Garment Factory

Chairman of DPD RI AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti said that demand for garment in local market began to increase in line with the rising domestic market demand in general. "Based on the information I have, demand for garment in local market increased significantly. This is due to the moment of Lebaran day and the plan to reopen offices and schools normally. Of course this is good news and opportunity that producers should make the best use of it, ”said LaNyalla recently.

He continued saying that one of producers with huge orders was PT Trisula Textile Industries Tbk (BELL). The company producing fabrics, uniforms and fashion is experiencing an increase in demand for uniforms for various government and private institutions, such as banks, hospitals and airlines.

Corporate Secretary of BELL R Nurwulan Kusumawati said, the increase in demand of uniforms was due to customer trust in BELL products. "We are grateful that in the midst of this pandemic, customers still have confidence with the entry of uniform orders that are in line with one of them BELL's efforts to continue growing in domestic market, ”said Nurwulan recently.

According to Nurwulan, demand of uniform in domestic market is still very high in various institutions, both government and private. Therefore, BELL will improve its quality and expand its domestic market share by continuing to innovate and see various available opportunities. Products marketed under the JOBB brand are manufactured from Healthy Fabrics made by BELL and have been marketed through various retail stores and online.

AA LaNyalla asked other producers to follow BELL's steps in providing the need for good quality fabrics so that the national market could compete with the invasion of imported fabrics. "Hopefully, the reopening of schools and institutions will trigger the potential for movement of the economic wheels and at the same time will drive other sectors. This is a positive growth and it is hoped that local products will be able to meet the needs of national market demand, "said LaNyalla.

He also reminded that even though local demand was rising, the export market would still be boosted in order to support efforts to recover the national economy. For this reason, the government needs to continue to create a conducive investment climate even though it is still a pandemic condition, including providing convenience in business licensing. "The government must take strategic steps in the textile and textile products (TPT) industry. For example, encouraging expansion of market access, restructuring of machinery and equipment. Also the availability of raw materials and energy supply, "he said.

LaNyalla also reminded the government to immediately finalize safeguards to protect the national industry from invasion of imported textile products. "Textile products originating from abroad must be subject to high import duties," he said.

In the mean time, Elis Masito from the Ministry of Industry conveyed that her party had proposed various safeguard rates for garment products ranging from Rp.19,800 for hijab to Rp.79 thousand for outerwear such as jackets.