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Material Center for the Growth of Textile Industry

Jakarta October 2018

By: Baari La Inggi

Intertextile 2018Gati Wibawaningsih, Dirjen IKM

Directorate General of Small and Medium Industry asked the Indonesian Textile Association of Greater Jakarta (API DKI) to help realize the formation of textile raw material center (material center) for SMEs to enable domestic companies compete with imported raw materials.

Director General of Small and Medium Industry at the Industry Ministry Gati Wibawaningsih believes that the availability of domestic raw materials with better prices and quality and speed of delivery, the domestic industry will grow and have good competitiveness for both local market and export. In a conversation with team from DKI API more recently in her office, she said that the flooding of imported raw materials could be stoppedd and domestic producers would return to grow.

API member companies are expected to be able to provide valuable inputs to make the material center effective to assist the industry in terms of fulfilling the main raw material requirements of garment industry. The Materia Center is expected to be on operation in January 2019. For this reason, API DKI is supposed to have meetings with other related associations such as the Association of Designersr, batik to get inputs regarding their needs.

To strengthen textile and textile products (TPT) industry, especially the small and medium industries, the Directorate General of Small and Medium Industries Ministry of Industry requested API DKI to provide valuable inputs for the formation of the material center program. Gati Wibawanigsih suggests that there must be a difference between the raw materials available in the market and those provided by the Material Center so that garment companies prefers raw materials from Material Center: