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Cotton USA Encourages Textile Industry Transformation

Jakarta, January 2, 2021

Sustainable Cotton

Representative of the Cotton Council International (CCI) in Indonesia, Anh Dung (Andy) Do said Cotton USA is always committed to increasing public attention to the importance of high quality cotton, especially US cotton which has been used as the basic material for the manufacture of materials from various international fashion brands in the world. , including in Indonesia.

"With the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope that in the future CCI can continue to commit, cooperate, and collaborate with industry players and experts to advance the country's textile industry," said Andy in the seminar "Future Fashion Trends of Textiles made of US Cotton. - 2020 ”which was held via Zoom recently.

On this occasion, Andy explained that more than 3.8 billion products have proudly carried the Cotton USA name since 1989. According to Andy, Cotton USA label is a strong sign of trust and quality for consumers. The USA Cotton label can be used on products made from at least 51 percent US cotton. In fact, research on hang tags shows that the Cotton USA label is more desirable than the “100 percent cotton” tag.

"A good understanding of the importance of using quality US cotton, of course, will also help local entrepreneurs in industry players in Indonesia to develop their business, especially post-epidemic where industry players have to make adjustments to their business and keep up with changing trends, and of course. in choosing good quality cotton that will be used for their production process, "said Andi.

Executive Director of CCI, Bruce Atherley, said that his party believes that what the US Cotton Trust Protocol (USCTP) can provide to industry players is the increased availability of cotton sources and diversity that has never been offered before. "Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, we also want to provide a user-friendly system that can provide verified and quality data so that industry players can adapt to changing consumer behavior and trends," he said.

The world trend that is more towards sustainable and environmentally friendly production like that promoted by US cotton is the reason that well-known apparel companies such as Gap Inc are following and committed to using 100% sustainable cotton in their product lines until 2025.