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API Jakarta Minta Tidak Ada Penindakan K3L Untuk Tekstil Dan Produk Tekstil Selama 2021

Jakarta, April 7, 2021


Indonesian Textile Association (API DKI Jakarta) based on inputs from member companies and observation of textile industry business in general in the country asks for special treatment for the so-called K3L supervision in textiles and textile products throughout 2021 by not taking any forms of action as long no casualties related to the K3L. This is very necessary considering that textiles and textile products (TPT) is one of the sectors that has been heavily affected by Covid-19 pandemic so that this year member companies can have more times to concentrate for normal recovery.

In general, member companies hope that government can support the revival of textile industry in the midst of this pandemic by not implementing regulation that can hinder product marketing of companies. According to member companies, any action imposed to the companies related to K3L will make shops and retailers reject products from factories not implemented K3L and this can harm manufaturers.

Most member companies said that they had no objection at all to register all type of products to K3L for consumer protection, but with the current pandemic conditions, especially related to costs ranging from Rp. 2 million to Rp. 3 million per type of goods is too expensive at this time. It was stated that companies could have up to hundreds of types of fabrics and if all of these types had to be registered, it would cost quite a lot during the current pandemic.

Responding to the problems being experienced by member companies, API Jakarta secretariat previously held a meeting with Directorate of Goods Distribution and Consumer Protection at Trade Ministry discussing K3L through Zoom Meeting. In this meeting, API Jakarta member companies have directly conveyed the problems experienced related to K3L and were immediately given a solution by the Ministry of Trade, in this case the Directorate of Goods Distribution and Consumer Protection.

Among the problems experienced by member companies of API Jakarta in practice is the supervision action of K3L found applied for textiles and textile products that do not have K3L certification and it is very detrimental to the company even though trade ministry has yet officially start law enforcement.

Responding to this problem, Director of Goods Circulation and Consumer Protection of Trade Ministry said that there was no official order from the Ministry of Trade for supervision and action related to K3L goods so that companies were asked to contact the team from Trade directly if in practice found actions taken because trade ministry has a direct relationship with law enforcer.