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SMEs Textile Industry Adopts Green Industry

Jakarta, May 7, 2021

Gati Wibawaningsih, IKMA Director General

Director General of Small, Medium and Miscellaneous Industries (IKMA) at the Ministry of Industry, Gati Wibawaningsih, says that textile and textile product industry is one of the industries that makes significant contribution to the state revenue. But on the other hand, many parties demand textile industry must apply environmentally friendly production process. Sustainable textile is one of efforts to create green industry that is environmentally friendly.

As we all know, currently sustainable textile industry has become a global trend demanded by the world community and have become the attention of many parties involved in this industry, including machinery makers creating technology supporting circular economy in this industry. With this technology, waste of textiles and clothing can be further reprocessed into raw materials in the form of fibers for making high-quality yarn as raw material for fabric making.

To encourage green industry in textile industry here in Indonesia, Government, in this case the Ministry of Industry, collaborates with Penta helix stakeholder including government, academia, business people, communities at large and the media. According to Gati, all these stakeholders play important roles in industrial development, especially in the natural dye development. As for the implementation of sustainable textiles itself, Gati continued saying that many have been carried out in the realm of small and medium industries (IKM).

"We are implementing strategic steps to support sustainable textiles in the SMEs sector, including providing guidance and socialization regarding natural fibers as raw material for sustainable textiles," she said.

She firmly believes that this effort is in line with the objectives of green industrial development to realize a sustainable industry, in the context of efficient and effective use of natural resources in a sustainable manner, preserving the environment and providing benefits to the community. "We have also worked together through a memorandum of understanding between the Directorate General of IKMA of the Ministry of Industry and the Directorate General of Plantation and Research and Development Agency at the Agriculture Ministry as well as the Government of South Central Timor (TTS)," she said.

Collaboration between the Directorate General of IKMA of the Ministry of Industry with the Directorate General of Plantation and the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture is one of the strategic steps for the development of the weaving IKM sector through the provision of cotton fiber raw materials. Thus, each party has duties and responsibilities in accordance with the main tasks and functions of each Directorate and Regional Government, Gati concluded.