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Press Release: Hadtex launches Hecoprima®


Website: www.hadtex.com

Hadtex launches Hecoprima®

– a high quality fibre-to-fibre recycling product suitable for the fashion industry

With Hecoprima® Hadtex aims to establish an effective value chain in Indonesia through industry collaborations to manufacture high quality, recycled polyester fibers and innovations for a more circular textile industry.

Bandung, Indonesia. Concerned about the condition of the earth due to extreme climate change and environmental damage that is caused by the destruction of natural resources, accumulation of plastic bottles and garbage from the clothing industry, Hadtex, an Indonesian based pioneer in recycling fibres, decided to take action and develop an advanced fibre by reusing as much textile waste as possible.

The production of recycled polyester is challenged by the fact that the sudden, massive demand for recycled plastic from PET bottles for textile materials stands in direct competition with the bottling and packaging industry that has pledged to use more recycled plastic. The re-usage of the textile industry’s own polyester waste offers a great opportunity, but to this day the quality of the waste material input is rather low and heterogeneous. At present, standardized quality requirements for waste sorting is not available along with a lack of expertise to recycle them into high value materials that suitable for the fashion industry.

Hecoprima® recycles polyester textile waste together with PET bottles. The idea is to close the loops on material cycles by reusing textile waste as well as PET bottle waste to prevent it from flooding landfills and the ocean. Since the beginning of its development in 2020 Hecoprima® has succeeded in turning plastic waste into an extraordinary fine fiber with 1.4 D x 38mm SDRW. Today Hecoprima® is processed by spinning companies for spun yarns of 100% polyester and mixed with natural fibre such as wool, cotton and viscose. Eventually apparel and home textile companies convert these yarns into fabrics for clothes, shoes, bags, and more.


Hadtex is determined to keep its environmental performance on high levels and follow international safety regulations. Hadtex products have been tested against harmful substances by international standards. The production processes include a wastewater treatment system as well as transparency measures to enable tracking supply chain related information. Furthermore, the development of a waste sorting infrastructure according to a standardized guideline will be implemented to enhance the fiber quality of the current production to match the spinning, knitting and finishing requirements.

With its Hecoprima fibre, Hadtex is part of a Public-Private-Partnership project, together with the German Investment and Development Corporation (DEG) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and supported by Closed Loop Fashion, a consultancy for applied sustainability. The project intends to implement measures for the introduction of circular business processes as well as polyester waste reduction with four Indonesian manufacturers. The key goal of this pilot project is the introduction of a traceable and effective value chain in Indonesia for the manufacturing of high quality, recycled polyester fibers for the utilization in the international fashion industry. In addition, the project targets the training and anchoring know- how with the local universities to introduce innovative circular business practices throughout the supply chain.

The project aims to create an integrated, transparent and environmentally friendly value chain with the highest labor standards to produce recycled polyester fabrics by extracting the maximum value and use from waste materials. The target is to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are :

  • Quality Education
  • Decent Work & Economic Growth
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Responsible Consumption & Production and
  • Climate Action.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership. The SDGs build on decades of work by countries and the United Nations (UN), including the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

About Hadtex

Hadtex (PT. Hasil Damai Textile) is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of PET (polyester) non-woven spunbond, polyester regenerated staple fiber and PET flakes which is located in Bandung, Indonesia. Since 1990 Hadtex has supplied the local Indonesian market as well as international companies with the first recycled fibres for non-woven applications. In these fields Hadtex has been collaborating with automotive, geotextile, needle punch, filtration, insulation, and other non-woven applications. Today Hadtex proceeds to convert their own raw material of recycled PET into fibres and collaborates with spinners, knitters, and weavers to develop a next generation of recycled textile products. The company is the pioneer of recycled polyester fibre producer in Indonesia to be certified by GRS

Press Information Contact: Hadtex (PT. Hasil Damai Textile) nonwoven@hadtex.com sustainability@hadtex.com 022 522 5050

Website: www.hadtex.com