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Garment Manufactures Welcome Policy for Better Competitiveness

January 2019

Demo Pekerja BangladeshGarment Factory in Cambodia

The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) welcomes the government's new policy leading to increase industrial competitiveness and secure domestic trade should the European Union and America follow through with threats to revoke trade access facilities provided so far. The European Union and the United States have been the main markets for Cambodian garment exports where the European Union provides export duty-free under EBA (Everything-but-Arms-Scheme).Read more

Wage Of Bangladesh Garment Workers To Be Revised

January 2019

Garment Workers ProtestsBangladesh Garment Workers Protest

Protest of thousands of Bangladesh garment workers from around ten companies on January 8, 2019 clashed with police at the outskirts of Dhaka after workers blocked the road leading to Dhaka's Shahratal Hazrat international airport. The police were forced to disperse the demonstrators with tear gas and rubber bullet which responded hurling bricks at the police by the workers and setting vehicles ablaze. Local media reported that the riot has led to one garment worker death and dozens wounded.

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US – China Trade War Triggers High Increase of Textile and Clothing Export From Vietnam

December 2018

Vietnamese Textile IndistryVietnamese Textile Industry

US - China trade war seems to have triggered significant increase of textile and textile products (TPT) export from Vietnam this year compared to the increase in the previous years. The increase of textile and clothing export this year is expected to reach 15% or even higher. Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade released that the achievement of their textile exports in 9 months (January - September 2018) increased by 17%. In the past few years the average increase in textile exports reached 10%. ...

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